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Win Thanksgiving Day w/ these items

F1 Thanksgiving

The five things every good Thanksgiving host must have to make hosting that much easier. If you are hosting for the first time, having these items will make you look like a Thanksgiving Pro.


  1. Thermapen- Instaread Thermometer– ($99, Thermoworks) Knowing the internal temperature of your bird is the only way to know if its done. So getting an quick and accurate read is one of the easiest ways to insure your turkey is prepared perfectly and take the mystery out of timing. The Thermapen is the standard in the kitchen and on the BBQ circuit. Made to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen and heavy use. The Mk-4 or the Classic will give you the accuracy and confidence to know when your food is safely ready to be served.
  2. Silicon Oven Gloves ($17, amazon) – I bought a pair of these gloves 2 years ago and are still in great shape. Good heat resistance, easy to clean and lets my hands do basic functions.
  3. Electric Carving Knives ($170, Williams-Sonoma) – This is the Mercedes AMG of household electric carvers. Once you pull out this cordless, safety-less, mini-power tool, your cousin Steve will start calling you Lewis Hamilton because you will be cutting up that bird with the speed and precision of Hamilton at the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas.
  4.  Turkey Platter- Turkey has to go somewhere and anything made of foil would clash with the beautiful Pineapple Turkey center piece your niece made for you. I cant recommend a specific platter for your aesthetic but I do recommend getting a platter that you can use on other days of the year.  So try to avoid any turkey shaped platters with Pilgrim silhouettes.
  5.  Roasting Pan -($21, amazon) A simple roasting pan is all you need. If you did not add it to your wedding registry then now would be a good time to get a basic pan. The pan’s purpose is to provide a stable way to carry a heavy turkey and capture all the drippings. Also make sure it includes a v-shaped rack to lift the bird off the pans surface to allow greater air flow.
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