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Destined to become your go-to blend, Convivial’s Sizzle features fragrant garlic and parsley grown exclusively along California’s Central Coast. This coarse blend also features the hearty cut of cracked peppercorns and the robust flavor of Sel Gris salt. Sizzle is a staple in kitchens thanks to its versatility use as a classic dry rub for steaks, base flavor for sautéed vegetables and stir-fries, tomato sauce starter, or any dish looking for a burst of garlic.

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After a long day at work, you make a stop at the local Whole Foods. Its time to cook up dinner and a few of your go-to dishes for the week ahead. You have carefully selected the organic vegetables, steak, or seafood for your meals. Now, what are you going to seasoning it with?  The mystery blend purchased in an airport gift shop before the first iPhone was released?

Go ahead, take a look at the ingredients. What is really in there? Where is it from? When was it made? When does it expire? Spice labels fail to answer primary questions used to validate the quality of basic food purchases.

Convivial’s Sizzle blend, with fresh and local ingredients, removes the mystery and ambiguity from your current spice blends. Balancing four essential ingredients; Garlic, Parsley, Salt and Pepper, Sizzle yields a broad range of possibilities from a single blend.

Sprinkle it on your steak, salmon, grillings, season a stir fry, enhance a chicken soup, or create a salad dressing. The possibilities are endless with the Sizzle!

Garlic is an essential ingredient in dishes around the world but the vast majority of garlic products sold are blended with cloves shipped from China. Living in California, we find this reprehensible. So, the fragrant garlic in Convivial’s Sizzle blend is proudly sourced from Gilroy California, the garlic capital of the world. The aromatic fragrance of Convivial’s locally grown garlic serves as a reminder to know where your seasonings derive from.

The rich green parsley in the Sizzle is also grown and produced locally in California. Reducing the time from harvest to jar amplifies the rich flavors of this blend.

The Sizzle uses natural grey sea salt harvested from clay lined mineral beds. The minerals of the salt infuses with the garlic and parsley to enhance the taste without the need to over season.

The black pepper’s hearty texture creates the bite in the blend.  Of course, if your palette is craving more heat then sprinkle on the cayenne to your needs.

The combination of these elements is what gives the Sizzle… sizzle.

Sizzle’s composition enhances the natural flavor of your meal. The simplicity of the blend empowers your palate by tasting the natural ingredients on your plate. Try your first Sizzle and share your recipes and photos @convivial.us!


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